Silvano Collini
of Bra

Knives for professionals and privates

Silvano Collini of Bra is the owner of a craft cutlery. The activity is very appreciated for the variety and quality of its offer, for an approach that aims to the respect for the tradition, and is the depositary of ancient knowledge, handed down from generation to generation by the best grinders in the northern Italy. Knowledge that feed from the passion for this job and that always have only one goal: to create unique products that stand out for their beauty and for functionality. Silvano Collini of Bra, however, has integrated the tradition within a complex approach, that tends to blend old and new together. Next to the ancient skills, he use the most modern techniques, especially as regards the promotion of products. The marketing, for example, it is at the service of the craftsmanship, enhancing it.

Silvano Collini of Bra is heir of an important story: the grandfather Florindo, craftsman and grinder, started the activity in the early twentieth century to later expand. The growth process is continued with the sons, who transferred the activity in the region of Piedmont and especially with his grandson. The latter has learned more knowledge, being able to give to the company a craft dimension both modern. The store, for example, offers attractive ideas that go far beyond the simple trade of products, involving elements such as the historical and the artistic interest. It is furnished with fine wood, evoking a traditional style, and with the white plywood, with a definitely more modern approach. Even the offer reflects the mix of tradition and modernity: customers can buy collectible knives, but also professional knives. The choice is really wide and meets every need that customers can request. The activity is therefore aimed at chefs, butchers, barbers; it is proposed any type of cutting tool, including scissors and blades. All products are very pleasant to see, are made with skill, with an artisan approach and are also functional and durable. The owner produces knives tailored to customer requirements, from which he readily accepts the requests.

CUTTING TOOLS The owner respects the value of the tradition, symbolized with a particular tool, the “slaifera”. It a pedal grinder for the knife grinder, very used in the past but now fallen into the disuse. It is an object of inestimable value as it clearly evokes an era when the craftsmanship was a fundamental key character. The owner preserves this element, he has restored it. A key point of the company is the capacity to blend old and new, tradition and modernity together. To benefit form this is the customer, who then can buy a high quality product, beautiful and functional, able to last in times.

The distinctive characteristic of the company is the ability to blend old and new, to combine the love for the tradition with the interest in modernity. Alongside the use of traditional and established techniques, in fact, it deserves a mention the ability to use modern instruments. This trend is particularly evident regarding the issue of the promotion and sale. The owner and family members involved in the management, in fact, frequently attend updating courses that propose as main themes the marketing and the advertising. The purpose is to honor the tradition of cutlery and propose a sale of professional knives in Bra able to respond worthily to the challenges of the present. This is a way to enhance and put at the centre the tradition, giving it the opportunity to emerge in a context strongly oriented to the consumption of industrial products. All in the full respect for the identity of cutlery that, indeed, draws strength and benefit from a balanced use of the marketing and at the same time effective.