Professional knives sale in Bra

The distinctive feature of the company is the ability to blend old and new together, to combine the love of the tradition with the interest in the modernity. Alongside the use of traditional and consolidated techniques, in fact, it deserves mention the ability to use modern instruments. This trend is particularly evident regarding the issue of the promotion and the sale. The owner and family members involved in the management, in fact, frequently attend updating courses that propose as main themes marketing and advertising. The purpose is to honour the tradition of cutlery and propose a sales professional knives in Bra able to respond worthily to the challenges of the present. This is a way to enhance and put the centre the tradition, giving it the opportunity to emerge in a context strongly oriented to the consumption of industrial products. All in the full respect for the identity of cutlery that, indeed, draws its strength and benefit from a balanced use of marketing and at the same time effective.

The promotion and enhancement of the artifacts also involves the presence and the active involvement in certain events. In particular, among the last events in which the company has participated in are included the "Cheese" of Bra and the "Salone del Gusto" in Turin. The first is an event that is held every two years in the Piedmontese district, dedicated to the slow food, especially dairy products.
The event captures the attention of hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world and provides a showcase to the cutlery to show the public the efficiency of cheese knives. The second is the most important event regarding the Italian, European and world culinary traditions. It is the meeting place of different culinary cultures, an opportunity to enhance their cultural identity but also to propose innovative experimentations. The company, included in this context, had a way to make itself known and to offer specific suggestions arising from its history, which is fully coherent with the values expressed by the event. Protagonists, the knives made in the laboratory, the result of a delicate blend of tradition and innovation.
We will participate at the “Salone del Gusto” in Turin from 09/22/16 to 09/26/16.