Items for barbers in Bra


The offer is very wide and includes any kind of cutting tool. The proposal of items for the barber in Bra is very wide. In this regard, the cutlery is selling products of various kinds. It is aimed, therefore, to the barbers, that transform their profession into art. To them, for example, are dedicated the "free hand” razors. They are manufactured with the switchblade so as to ensure the safety and the comfort. The blade that must be very cutting must be restored periodically and sharpened. In the past it was used the razor strop, a leather fabric able to straighten and polish the blade. The company commercializes razors that are particularly functional and able of high performances, but also very beautiful aesthetically, well finished and capable of conferring a certain class to the barber who uses them and also guarantees a careful maintenance and regrinding.

The company not only address its products to barbers who have their roots in a solid tradition, but also to those with less experience. For they proposes items for barbers in Bra simple but effective, such as the classic clasp razor-knife, or the realization of Shavette, whose blade is replaceable for hygienic and practical reasons. The offer also includes the blades for safety razor, which is also called "cartridges razor" All on sale razors work on the damp skin, that should be moistened with a shaving foam. The company also sells scissors, for both right and left-handed. Who is left-handed, in fact, finds difficult to use scissors, since the two sides, and in particular the rings, are not symmetrical. For this reason, the craft company produces aesthetically pleasing products, but also highly functional and durable.