Knives for butchers Bra


The offer includes various types of knives to cut meat professionally. The knives for butchers in Bra are very efficient and able to last over time. In particular, are available butcher knives and those for the deboning. The first have a large blade, measuring about thirty centimetres in length. They are useful for cutting very thin slices, whether poultry, ham or cooked meats. The second are much shorter and narrower, their blade is smooth and rigid so as to separate in a more rapid way the meat from the bone pieces. Another common type is the knife for filleting, used in particular for the preparation of the fish but also to cut any kind of meat. The blade rarely reaches 30 cm and generally does not exceed twenty. They are flexible in order to be guided precisely under the scales and through the spine.

One of the most useful knives and therefore more used by butchers is the “mannarino”, a meat cleaver. The blade, very large and rectangular, is ideal for splitting and cleaving meat and bones. It is characterized by the heaviness and by the thickness. The edge is generally convex, so as to avoid that even during the driest strokes the blade is not damaged. The mannarino is a necessary tool for the food services who work personally the meat. The company is also specialized in the production and the sale of knives for butchers in Bra, offers to customers also half moon shaped knives, used primarily to skin. Products sold at this cutlery refer to high quality standards.