Knives for ham and cold cuts in Bra

Cutlery for cold cuts

The company sells knives for cold cuts with a special aesthetic appeal. The flagship product in this area is the Global g59, ideal to cut the ham. The blade is 34 cm long, the knife measures 48 cm in total. As all Global knives (Japanese company) it is very light, the weigh has an average of 30% compared to the same of the other brands. It is very easy to handle, is suitable for extremely long operating times and reduces the user fatigue. Moreover, it is very sturdy: to be made of steel is not only the blade but also the handle. For the meat of medium sizes the company proposes the Classic Knige of the Wusthof, German producer (ham knives). The measure of the blade is 23 cm and the total length is 35.5 cm. The handle is made of synthetic material, but is joined to the blade with a a triple riveting. The blades are realized with the best steel, the result of metal combinations where there are very small percentages of molybdenum and vanadium. 

The company sells knives for ham and cold cuts in Bra of own production or realized by the best brands. Stands out, for example, the kitchen knife of Hane Ba with the titanium blade. Ultra light, but very effective, it is very easy to handle thanks to a reduced length (barely 13 cm). The strength lies in the quality of the blade, which is made of titanium. It is very practical, has an excellent aesthetic appearance despite the handle that is made of synthetic materials. The finishing touches are very pleasant and able to stand out among all the kitchen knives. The ham and cold cuts knives in Bra sold by this cutlery offer highest performances, have a considerable visual impact and does not require a very frequent maintenance.