Sale of pots in Bra


The offer is very wide and includes cooking equipment. The company, in fact, is specialized in the sale of pots in Bra. The customer is spoiled for choice. You can buy, for example, "The pots" of Nico Marin or "Ramart". Pots and pans of various shapes and sizes made of tin-plated copper with or without lid, good for their characteristic of perfect and uniform heat conductivity.

The company not only offers metal products. It is specialized, in fact, also in the sale of ceramic pots in Bra. The flagship product is the Kyocera pot, the Japanese version of the classic French cocotte. Its distinctive feature is its ability to retain heat and transfer it to the food as evenly as possible. It is easy to clean and unlike the pots made of other materials does not transfer metal ions to the food. Thus the food preserves its natural flavour. The merit also lies in the presence of small reliefs in the lid which capture the aromas and distribute them to the container.