Tools for pasta in Bra


Italy has a long tradition in the production of pasta. Although now the consumption of industrial products is widespread, the homemade pasta plays a starring role on Italian tables. The merit also goes to the use of seemingly simple tools, but that allow to create products able to excel from the point of view of the taste and not only. The cutlery fits exactly in this context. Although specialized in the production of knives, it realizes iron and steel tools with varied functions. The offer includes, for example, even the tools for pasta in Bra. Also in this case we note some ability to combine the functionality needs with the aesthetic ones, which gives life to products that are both beautiful and well performed. a way to bring a touch of class to your restaurant business, especially when there is an open kitchen.

Among the most common tools, but necessary to produce a good homemade pasta stands the small wheel for the ravioli. The cutlery also proposes the ravioli mould which has a double function: first cuts the ravioli giving it the classic finishing and finally closes it. Another simple product, but very useful is the rolling pin available in two versions: made with teflon or with wood. Among the more complex but more important tools for the pasta in Bra, stands out the machine for “spaghetti alla chitarra". It is not very complicated to use it and allows you to achieve excellent results. The equipment provided by the cutlery last over time and require a regular maintenance but not very frequently. They represent, therefore, a great help for both professional chefs and ordinary consumers.